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We design, realize and assemble steel structures, offering the most efficient technical solutions, never forgetting to pay attention to the out look features of the realizations themselves.

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The Stainless steel allows an ultimate freedom of design and at the same time a great reliability. It is a versatile, resistant, modern and elegant material, of a pretty good quality and cheap too (thanks to a simple and fast construction and low maintenance costs, as well as good possibilty of being re-used), environmental-friendly (100% recyclable and with a very low environmental impact compared to other materials, not forgetting the important support of stainless steel to the photovoltaic and wind sector) and safe (low weight and in case of earthquakes it can absorb the seismic energy better than other materials).

Lanari Group realizations in stainless steel include great structures, bridges and covers, stairs and railings, useful for public buildings, malls, airports or stations, industrial plants or sports centres.


Here you can see some realizations in stainless steel and have a look of the quality and design of our products: