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Stainless steel is made of an alloy of iron, chrome, nickel and molybdenum, and one of its many features is that it doesn’t rust when exposed to the different weather conditions. It is a material with a slim and light structure that can give good solutions in almost all cases, allowing you to design Stairs and Railings both for indoor and oudoor style solutions.

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Lanari Group designs and realize Stairs and Railings in Stainless Steel of any shape and dimensions: the products are created according to different needs and different finishings, glossy or matt, classical or particular, with the addition of material such as timber and glass, in order to create a complete workpiece, of an elegant design and a strong environmental impact that is, at the same time, based on solid and reliable technical solutions, always efficient and with a good structure.

Some typologies of stainless steel possible realizations:

  • Stainless steel stairs with glass parapet
  • Stainless steel stairs with parapet and railings in stainless steel
  • Spiral staircase in stainless steel with curved glass parapet and steel railing
  • Spiral stainless steel staircase and timber with stainless steel parapet
  • Stainless steel railings for outdoor
  • Stainless steel railings for indoor

Stairs & Railings
in stainless Steel

Here some examples of Stairs and Railings in Stainless Steel: