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Lanari Group operates successfully and high accuracy even in the areas of Restructuring buildings, the Conservative restorations and structural consolidation. In recent years, in our country there was – correctly – to a greater interest in the structural safety of the buildings.

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The stability of the building – and therefore its durability and its level of security, which is useful to ensure the safety of people and goods present – can be affected by many external factors (changes to the terrain due to human intervention or to natural settling, for example) that, if neglected, can lead to changes in the original condition, with a serious aggravation of the risks of failure and the subsequent emergence of dangerous structural flaws. It becomes, therefore, necessary trust in experienced hands and implement promptly the most useful interventions to control critical situations, striving for repair or for strengthening of the involved structures.

The Lanari Group company, thanks to the high level of experience and expertise gained in metalworking and construction sector in general, it has the ability to offer its customers solutions for all structural problems or conservative, using systems forefront of the recovery, the static reinforcement and anti-seismic adaptation of buildings, both civil and business.

Restructuring manufactured and Structural reinforcements

Lanari Group can offer to all its customers, solutions for structural problems of their buildings