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The way we work is divided into strictly programmed and defined phases:

  • technical feasibility study

  • consultancy,

  • engineering,

  • production and realization,

  • installation and assembly,

  • after-sale assistance.

We can realize steel and stainless steel products, based on the client’s project or on our idea. We can offer a skilled technical and engineering  advice, also after the delivery of our product. For tailor-made works, we can rely on our own professionals, specialised in the metals processing and in the use of technological tools, necessary to realize high-quality products.

Lanari Group does its best to satisfy the client in all the phases, starting from the engineering one, run through innovative softwares that allow the development of a 3D drawing. The construction of a steel product is fully run in our company, thanks to highly efficient machinery, periodically updated and renewed with the most modern technologies on the market. We also pay great attention and care to the finishing of the product and, whenever requested, we can assemble and/or install and/or take it straight to the client’s.


The realization of the final product is performed inside our company, using updated technology in accordance with the market.

Our laboratory presently has the ultimate machinery, such as:

– high definition Plasma Generator HYPERTHERM HPR260 and Oxygenlance Cutter for any thickness and shape.

– Hole-making plant FICEP model EXCALIBUR to drill beams: HEA, HEB, HEM, UPN, angle and box profiles, Work station top 12 mt.